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Driver’s License Reinstatement

Having a suspended license can create a lot of problems.  It can affect your ability to work, be social, fulfill responsibilities, and more. Roberts Law Office has years of experience getting clients their driver’s license reinstated or getting them a hardship so that they can drive for limited purposes. If you need a Kansas City suspended license attorney, then you’ve come to the right place.

How do I check if my license is revoked?


If your license has been suspended or revoked, then you will get a letter in the mail informing you that is has happened and why.  If you are unsure and want to check if you have a suspended license, then you can obtain a driving record in person at any Missouri license office or by mail from the Driver License Record Center.  Finally, you can call the Missouri Department of Motor Vehicles to check the status of your driving record by going to their website. 

We can help reinstate your driver's license.

Violations Causing Licenses to be Revoked

There are many reasons that a license might be suspended or revoked. The biggest causes of a revoked license in Missouri are:

  • Traffic Tickets - Point Suspension or Revocation
  • Points - Moving Violations
  • Motor Vehicle Accident Judgment – Missouri
  • Motor Vehicle Accident Judgment - Out-of-State
  • Administrative Alcohol or Zero Tolerance
  • Ignition Interlock
  • Misrepresentation Revocations, School Bus Permit Suspension, Court Ordered Suspension - Failing To Stop For School Bus Violation, or Court Ordered Suspension - Failure to Yield Right of Way
  • Failure to File an Accident Report
  • Motor Fuel Theft
  • Points - Alcohol-Related Moving Violations
  • Refusal to Submit to an Alcohol or Drug Test
  • In-State or Out-of-State Failure to Appear Suspension (FACT) or Nonresident Violator Compact (NRVC)
  • Failure to Maintain Insurance
  • Failure to Maintain Ignition Interlock Device (IID)
  • Out-of-State Accident
  • Abuse & Lose or Minor in Possession
  • Child Support Arrearage Suspension
  • Mandatory Insurance
  • Security Accident
  • Citations
  • False Insurance Suspension
  • Five-Year License Denial
  • Ten-Year License Denial
  • Strike Highway Worker/Emergency Responder Revocation

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Steps to Getting Your License Back

There are 3 steps to getting your license reinstated:

  1. Note the reason(s) that your license was revoked. This information is in the letter you received informing you that your driving privilege had been taken away. You can also buy a copy of your record from a license office.
  2. Fill out any forms, fulfill other requirements (such as get an ignition interlock device, purchase SR-22 insurance, etc.), and pay any fees that you must in before your license can be reinstated.
  3. Bring/mail the required forms and fees to the Driver’s License Bureau in Jefferson City, Missouri.

There can be a lot of complicated forms to fill out and overlapping fees to pay depending on your charges. An experienced suspended license attorney like Roberts Law Office can help you avoid any mistakes along the way.

We will get your driver's license reinstated.