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Reasons to Expunge Your Record

Having an arrest or a criminal conviction on your record can affect every aspect of your life, from finding a job to buying a gun. In Missouri, like in other states, you can sometimes have criminal records expunged – as if the events leading to the record had never occurred. Roberts Law Office has the experience and the ability to help you put your past behind you and get the fresh start you deserve.

Eligibility for Expungement in Missouri

In Missouri, several different records can be expunged.

DWI Expungement in Missouri:  

Under Section 610.130, there is a waiting period of 10 years to for a DWI expungement, during which no other alcohol-related offenses can be committed. If you think you qualify, then contact us to get the process started


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We can also help reinstate your driver's license.

Missouri Misdemeanor Expungement:

Misdemeanor convictions have a waiting period of 3 years before they can be expunged and only two misdemeanors can be expunged per person, per lifetime. If you think you qualify, then contact  us to get the process started 

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Missouri Felony Expungement:

Felony convictions have a waiting period of 7 years before they can be expunged and only one felony can be expunged per person, per lifetime. If you think you qualify, then contact us to get the process started 


Arrest Records:  If you have not pleaded guilty or been found guilty, Missouri law may allow expungement of your arrest record if the arrest was made based on false information, there is no evidence to support that the individual may have committed the offense, and no charges were pursued because of the arrest.

We can also help with felony expungement in Missouri.

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What Felonies can’t be Expunged in Missouri?

Currently there are some limitations on getting a conviction expunged under Section 610.140, including, but not limited to, the following: 

  • Any class A felony
  • Any dangerous felony (as defined in Section 556.061)
  • Any felony that requires registration as a sex offender
  • Any felony offense where death is an element of the offense
  • Any felony offense of assault; misdemeanor or felony offense      of domestic assault; or felony offense of kidnapping
  • Any offense listed, or previously listed, in Chapter 566[LINK TO IT]

Diversion in Missouri

Diversion—or deferred prosecution—is a special disposition that is eligible in certain cases, but only if the prosecuting attorney agrees to it.  This is because diversion is an agreement between the defense and the prosecutor involving certain conditions that the accused must successfully complete with the result that  thecriminal charges are dismissed.

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